PRNewswire: Red Hat CTO and Former Lotus Exec Join Jabber.com Technical Advisory Board

“Jabber.com Inc., a subsidiary of Webb Interactive Services,
today announced the addition of two new Technical Advisory Board
members — Michael Tiemann, current CTO of Red Hat, and Dr. David
P. Reed, former vice president of research and development and
chief scientist for Lotus Development Corporation and one of the
early members of the committee that defined the Internet protocol
suite TCP/IP.”

The appointment of Tiemann and Reed marks the completion of
an all-star technical advisory board chartered with assisting
Jabber.com and the Jabber open source movement with technology
decisions, product directions and planning.
“Jabber represents
a significant component of missing infrastructure for real-time
routing of XML documents. With Red Hat keenly interested in growing
the embedded and device space, we believe many of these devices
will benefit from Jabber’s ability to facilitate real-time
messaging between devices and the Internet,” said Tiemann.”

“Both Tiemann and Reed are extremely well-respected
technologists and come with decades of real-world experience and
relationships that will accelerate Jabber.com’s commercial product
plans and initiatives. Tiemann and Reed will be joining Craig
Burton, founding member of Novell, Rohit Khare, founding member of
the World Wide Web standards committees and Stephen Williams,
senior architect and creator of AOL’s Buddylist server v1.x, used
by over 8 million people and the precursor to AOL’s highly
successful Instant Messenger.”

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