PRNewswire: SCO Contributes to the Open Source Community; Kicks Off Open Source Initiatives

“The newly formed Server Software Division of SCO (Nasdaq: SCOC)
today announced that it has ramped up its Open Source efforts with
the release of key technologies, contributions, and initiatives to
the Open Source Community.”

“SCO is contributing source code for two developer tools —
“cscope” and “fur.” The code is released under the terms of the BSD
License and will be maintained by SCO.
The first technology,
cscope, is available to download at www.sco.com/opensource.
Software developers can use cscope to help design and debug
programs coded with the C programming language. The second
technology, Fur, will be available to download in several weeks.
Fur is a real-time analysis program used to optimize application
and system binaries for more effective run time execution. Dramatic
results have been seen in high-level applications and database
systems using fur.”

“”Linux is becoming an increasingly popular platform for ISPs
and dotcomms,” said Victor Krutul, manager of UNIX and Linux
Programs at Intel. “Developers of Linux operating systems on the
Intel platform will benefit from these contributions which will
enable them to optimize existing applications suites and help
create new applications.””

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