PRNewswire: Webb Interactive Services Launches Jabber, Inc.-XML Based Instant Messaging

“Webb Interactive Services Inc. (Nasdaq: WEBB), a leading
application provider for small business and local commerce, today
announced the formation of Jabber, Inc., a subsidiary focused on
the commercialization of a revolutionary open source, XML-based
instant messaging platform. Webb’s pioneering role in the
integration of this innovative technology will allow the XML open
source platform to become a foundation of advanced commerce,
customer service, as well as mobile and enterprise

“Industry expert Jeff Pulver commented on the announcement,
“This is one of the most important developments in the Instant
Messaging (IM) industry. Advancing the application through open
source, and applying XML to instant communications holds the
promise of a new generation of richer and smarter uses of IM. I’m
very intrigued with this new venture and will be watching it
closely.” Pulver is considered one of the pioneers and leaders of
Voice over IP, and manages the industry’s premier analysis and
conference services dedicated to Instant Messaging.”

“Jabber’s unique approach to the commercialization of IM through
the leverage of open-source development and XML has attracted
industry leaders to the Jabber advisory board….”

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