PRNewswire: YARC Enhances LINUX Color Server on Internet

“YARC Systems Corporation today announced that it has enhanced
the YARC XP LINUX Color Server which is connected to the Internet
for customer and investor evaluation.”

“On Nov 24, 1999, YARC announced that it had placed one of its
YARCXP LINUX Postscript Color Servers on the Internet… so that
potential customers and investors can evaluate the capabilities of
the LINUX TCP/IP connectivity and the user interface. This server
has now been relocated to a new ISP, closer to the Internet
backbone, and new capabilities have been added.”

“YARC’s XP Server has the ability to operate in multiple

“YARC has developed proprietary LINUX software that integrates
Printing technologies with the Internet. YARC’s servers can
receive images over the Internet and can be configured and upgraded
from any standard Internet browser. YARC’s technology enables a
direct link between the artist and output device…”

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