Product Review–The EmperorLinux Wasp CF-19

“If you have a quirky laptop need, a good place to start your
search is at EmperorLinux. Unlike other hardware providers, Emperor
only does laptops that are preloaded with Linux (or dual-boot with
Windows) from a number of manufacturers, including Dell, Lenovo,
Panasonic and Sony. Not only does Emperor attempt to cover nearly
every niche–including ultraportable, rugged, tablet and desktop
replacements–but they also do perhaps the best job of making
advanced features like GPS, cellular broadband, tablets and 802.11n
Wi-Fi, work out of the box.

“In this space, we’re reviewing a laptop from Emperor’s line of
rugged laptops, the Wasp CF-19, which is the Linux edition of the
Panasonic ToughBook CF-19…”