Puppeee: Puppy for your Eee PC

“The Asus Eee PC ultraportable comes bundled with a version of
Xandros as its operating system. If you would like to try a
different Linux distro on your Eee, there are plenty of options to
choose from, including eeeXubuntu, EeeDora, ZenEee, EeePCLinuxOS,
and Puppeee. The latter is based on Puppy Linux, a tiny Linux
distribution that sports a few unique features that make it a
perfect candidate for use on machines like the Eee PC.

“Puppy Linux (and, by extension, Puppeee) was written from
scratch with two goals in mind: speed and ease of use. Puppy Linux
is, indeed, lightning fast–even when running on low-end machines
like the Eee PC. Efficient design isn’t the only thing that makes
Puppy Linux and Puppeee fast…”