Quick Look: Xubuntu 10.10

[ Thanks to Jim
for this link. ]

“Last week I reviewed Kubuntu 10.10 and Ubuntu 10.10
over on Desktop Linux Reviews. This week I wanted to look at
Xubuntu 10.10. I decided to do a quick look rather than a
full-blown DLR review because less has changed in Xubuntu than in
the other two distro releases.

“If you aren’t familiar with Xubuntu, it’s essentially a
combination of Ubuntu and the Xfce desktop environment. Xubuntu is
designed to provide a lighter-weight desktop experience than GNOME
(Ubuntu’s default desktop). Xfce is set up to conserve system
resources while still providing a great range of desktop
functionality. Xubuntu is a good to Ubuntu alternative for older
hardware or underpowered hardware.”