Raima’s Velocis 2.1 Now Available on Linux

Raima Corporation has just released Velocis Database Server
version 2.1 for the Linux platform. Velocis is an embedded
client/server database engine which now provides robust new
interfaces for several popular development environments. These
include an interface to Rogue Wave Software’s DBTools.h++, a JDBC
driver, Delphi Data Aware Components and support for the Perl DBI
standard. Velocis 2.1 extends its SQL support with scrollable
cursors and customized comparison functions and introduces a
powerful new database utility, dbrepair.

A free trial download is available from http://www.raima.com/download/product_list.cfm.

Below is the official press release:


Raima’s Velocis Database Server Version 2.1 Includes New
Programming Interfaces, Repair Tool and SQL Extensions

New Velocis Release Has Delphi Data Aware Components, Perl DBI
Driver, Rogue Wave DBTools.h++ Interface and JDBC Driver

SEATTLE, February 9 -- Raima Corporation has released Velocis
Database Server 2.1, which includes new interfaces for multiple development
environments including Rogue Wave's DBTools.h++, Perl, Java and Delphi.
Other significant improvements include an integrated repair tool called
dbrepair, and two new SQL functions.

A free trial version of Velocis 2.1 is now available for download from
Raima's Web site at www.raima.com and www.raima.com/java.

Programming Interfaces
Velocis 2.1 improves the product's integration with four increasingly
popular development environments. In addition to Velocis' native C language
API and support for ANSI SQL and ODBC, version 2.1 includes the following
new interfaces:

* Rogue Wave DBTools.h++ interface. The Velocis Access Library for
* DBTools.h++ has been
created in cooperation with Rogue Wave. It enables direct access to Velocis
SQL API in object-oriented C++ programming with the DBTools.h++ class

* Delphi Data Aware Components. This TDataSet integrates Velocis with
* Borland's Delphi
development environment and allows Velocis development using Delphi's
graphical interface.

* JDBC Driver. This is a Type 3 net-protocol all-Java driver that
* translates JDBC calls into
Velocis ODBC compatible SQL C-API. The driver runs on the server and allows
Java applications, applets and Beans to communicate directly with Velocis
Database Server, enhancing Velocis' capabilities as a Web database. Client
support includes any client device running a Java supporting browser, push
client or Object Request Broker.

* Perl DBI. Velocis 2.1 provides a driver to support Perl DBI, allowing
* developers to access
Velocis using the functions, variables and conventions of this standard
API. While Velocis previously included a Perl "wrapper" of the Velocis API,
this new driver supports database transparency by enabling Velocis to be
used in any application written to the DBI standard.

Integrated Repair Module

Velocis 2.1 also includes a new module, dbrepair, which improves and
integrates several Velocis utilities. These utilities include dbcheck, to
examine databases for corruption; dbfix, to repair corrupted databases;
keybuild, to rebuild indexes; dchain, to sort and repair the delete chain;
and dbdefrag, to compact fragmented databases. Dbrepair is provided to help
users when corruption occurs due to damaged media or some other cause.

SQL Improvements

Velocis 2.1 also includes two additions to its SQL support. The product now
supports scrollable cursors. Another SQL extension is a unique new feature
called customized comparison functions.  This extension allows the
assignment a user-defined function that performs special comparison
operations associated with the column.

About Velocis and Raima Corporation

Velocis Database Server is Raima's client/server database engine for
application development.  Raima Corporation offers other products as well
as provides database reporting tools and consulting, training, application
development and Internet/Intranet services through the company's Vista
Development Corporation subsidiary. For more information call 206-515-9477
or visit Raima's Web site at http://www.raima.com.

SOURCE Raima Corporation

/CONTACT: Angie Schneider, Marketing Specialist of Raima Corporation,
206-748-5247, or aschneider@raima.com/

/Web site: http://www.raima.com/

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