ReactOS 0.4.11 Released with Kernel Improvements, Support for More Windows Apps

ReactOS 0.4.11 is now available for download, coming four mounts after the 0.4.10 version to bring you even more new features, improvements, and better support for your favorite Windows apps. Talking about that, this release adds better support for .NET 2.0 applications and enables support for Blender 2.57b, QuickTime Player 7.7.9, Evernote 5.8.3, Bumptop, and many other apps. Running more Windows apps is important for the ReactOS team since they try to win ex-Windows users who want to use an open-source operating system on their computers with the same capabilities of Microsoft’s OS. Therefore, one of the most significant changes in ReactOS 0.4.11 is the work done to improve the Win32 subsystem to enable support for IceChat 7.63 and Civilization II Multiplayer Gold Edition 1.3 (32-bit).