Really Linux: Linux In a Windows Network with SAMBA

[ Thanks to Mark Rais for this
link. ]

“Integrating Fedora Linux into a Windows network is reasonable
and easy as long as you use the SAMBA utilities. I share every main
step necessary to implement such a SAMBA server within a Windows
environment. Once integrated a Linux server looks and acts exactly
like any other server on a Windows intranet. You will have the
ability to drag and drop files, view server contents and
directories using Windows File Manager, and even edit files on a
Linux server from any Windows desktop.

“This article is a guide to setting up a full fledged FEDORA
LINUX/SAMBA server. If you need basic steps for connecting Linux
with Windows please read my article Windows to Linux: Basic
Networking. If you’re a system administrator and are planning to
integrate the Linux server into your AD server environment, I’m
sorry I do not go into details how to configure smb.conf for ADS
usernames, although it can be done. I will walk you through the
main steps for installing a SAMBA Server. This, in my opinion, is
the first part to any future more advanced integration…”