Really Linux: Rescuing a School Technology Program: Linux Thin-client Overview

[ Thanks to Mark
for this link. ]

“Like many schools, Grace Lutheran School struggled to
keep up with the cost of computer technology. With 250 students and
an annual technology budget of $15,000, Principal Dennis Fangmann
had to be creative to keep his 60 classroom Pentium I and Pentium
II computers running. Most of his budget was being used instead to
keep the 16 staff computers and Windows network server current,
leaving little for student computer upgrades.

“What Mr. Fangmann didn’t realize yet was that many of the
student computers weren’t even running well enough for the students
to use. As he has since said: ‘The teachers didn’t want to tell me,
but as you can imagine, the Pentium I computers running Windows 95
were seen as dinosaurs by our older students…'”