Red Hat: Open Opportunity for Investors?

[ Thanks to Kevin
for this link. ]

“The putative demise of Linux has — to say the least —
been greatly exaggerated.
Actually, there are no signs the
market adoption is slowing. Linux shipments grew faster than any
other server operating system over the past two years (yes, even
faster than the monopolistic Microsoft). Research shows that in
1999, Linux shipments dominated 24.6 percent of the server
operating system market, up from 15.8 in 1998.”

“The big question is: How can companies, such as Red Hat, make
money from the Linux wave. Simply put, Red Hat is becoming the
trusted source of technical support for Linux. For this, companies
will gladly pay fees. So far, it is working.”

“Expect the momentum to continue. And once rationality
returns to Net stocks, there should be lots of upside with Red

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