Red Hat shows beginnings of an Enterprise Computing Division.

In addition to their alliances, Sybase, Oracle, and another
whose logo is broken, they discuss their new products targetted
toward the enterprise.

Red Hat Linux 5.2 System Builder Edition and Red Hat Linux 5.2
Commercial Server Edition.

They also outline several new support packages they have
available, such as a 10 or 25 incident “Call-Pack”, and various
annual support subscriptions.

Although Red Hat has encouraged reseller programs in the past,
it appears that they are now agressively marketing to resellers
with their new Enterprise Reseller Programs (“Red Hat Authorized
Reseller” and “Red Hat Authorized System Builder”).

Additionally, they are beginning to heavily market their
training and certification programs (RHCI – Red Hat Certified
Installer and RHCE – Red Hat Certified Engineer).

The beginnings of their webpage is located at http://www.redhat.com/enterprise/index.html,
which is obviousl y not ready for prime time yet. Keep an eye here,
however, as it looks like some big things will unfold at this