Red Hat: The first $1-billion-a-year open source outfit (almost)

“Charlie Peters, Red Hat’s chief financial officer, said in the
call that bookings for the quarter were split 59 per cent from its
reseller channel and 41 per cent from direct sales, and for the
full year, it had achieved its goal of a 60-40 split for its sales
across those two ways it goes to market. Revenues from the Americas
region accounted for 57 per cent of the Red Hat pie, while EMEA got
27 per cent and Asia/Pacific brought in 16 per cent. This dicing
and slicing by region has been consistent throughout fiscal

“Whitehurst said that thus far, customers were not giving Red
Hat any grief about the new packaging and pricing for its flagship
Enterprise Linux 6 distro, which was announced last November and
which includes a price hike for like-for-like functionality
compared to RHEL 5.

“‘I think the market has been pretty accepting with what we have
done with RHEL 6,’ explained Whitehurst. ‘I haven’t seen any
pushback.” But, he added, it is a bit too early to tell in the
upgrade cycle to see what the vast installed base of RHEL users

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