Red Herring: Microsoft finding opens Linux door a bit more

“A cofounder of a Linux company made a comment Monday that would
cause any Linux groupie to break into a cold sweat. “I love
Microsoft Office,” said Arthur Tyde, executive vice president of
Linuxcare in San Francisco, which provides technical information
and support for 21 different Linux distributions for corporate

“Other Linux executives aren’t holding their breath for such a
development. They seem to be relatively nonplussed by the news from
the antitrust case as they continue the Herculean task of trying to
persuade Microsoft customers that better technology exists. Never
mind any possible legal arguments, appeals, and court rulings —
even Judge Jackson calls Linux a “fringe” technology in his
207-page finding-of-fact document. Linux executives say their
challenge remains enormous.”

It puts even more pressure on us,” says Red Hat…CEO
Robert Young. The reaction on the software company’s Durham, North
Carolina, campus was one of relief that “what is evident to us in
the industry is evident to a judge on the outside.