Reuters: Applix shares continue to soar on Linux hopes

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“Shares of Applix Inc., a maker of Java-based business software,
soared for a second straight trading session Monday amid Internet
chat-room speculation that the company is poised to become a
darling of the trendy Linux software movement, analysts said.”

“Westboro, Mass.-based Applix was the most active issue on the
Nasdaq stock market in morning dealings, gaining $4.50, or 27
percent, to $21 on volume of more than 5.6 million shares. The
stock gained $6.50 on Friday to close at $16.50.”

“Rick Berry, an analyst with brokerage J.P. Turner & Co.,
said Applix was rising on investor hopes that the stock would
emerge as a new star of the Linux firmament, joining Red Hat
Software, which is up 450 percent from its Aug. 11 stock market


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