Reuters: Comdex show to feature PC alternatives

“While many of the over 200,000 attendees at Comdex will likely
be discussing Microsoft’s legal woes, they also will be checking
out demos of the long-delayed Windows 2000. And this year, they
will have the opportunity to see the alternative Linux operating
system, which is being featured at an adjacent Linux Business Expo,
a major coup for the renegade software. “This is going to set a
record for alternatives to Microsoft,” said Rob

“While the PC keeps evolving, Corel Corp. is hoping that it can
inspire further change with a user-friendly version of Linux for
the PC desktop. Linux has made big inroads into the network server
market, but for consumers, it is too difficult for most computer
users who are used to Windows. Corel will launch its distribution
of Linux, called Corel Linux, with an improved user interface and
instant messaging software called Jabber. Developed as an open
source project, Jabber is now supported by Webb Interactive

“Finally, the most celebrated programmer in the open source
community, Linus Torvalds, the Finnish programmer who created the
core of Linux, the Linux kernel, will give a keynote address Monday
night, in another huge validation of Linux. It is rumored that
Torvalds may take the wraps off his current employer, Transmeta
Corp., one of the most secretive start-up companies in Silicon

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