Review: Acer Aspire One D150 and Linux

“The first model of Acer Aspire One I saw (called AOA150 or
A150) had a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom processor, an 8.9” display screen
and very attractive styling. The A150 has a design flaw though…
if you want to upgrade anything, you have to take the whole case
apart. Taking laptops apart is no fun and I imagine the smaller
they are, the harder it is. For that reason I decided to keep
looking around and the MSI Wind was my next target because several
reviews raved about its Linux compatibility. I prefer to buy
locally if at all possible (rather than online) but no local store
seemed to have the MSI. Lots of places had the Acer and the HP.

“Then I learned of a new model from Acer with a 10.1″ display
screen (called the AOD150 or D150) and it has almost the same specs
as the previous model but with one important difference… it
provides access to the hard drive, memory, and wireless card via
access panels on the bottom of the unit. The larger display is a
bonus although it offers the same resolution (1024×600). Although
the case was slightly wider to accommodate the bigger screen, the
keyboard is the same as that of the A150. The MSRP on the D150
model is $349.99 and a few local retailers had it so I decided pick
one up.”


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