Review: Argosy HV359T Multimedia HDD Player

” Hence the use of a multimedia player with a self contained
hard drive. That’s when I was referred to the Argosys HV269T media
player. Now right away you’re likely asking, “So what does this
have to do with Linux?” Well, a lot actually, otherwise I wouldn’t
be reviewing it here if it wasn’t Linux powered.

“Is it Linux powered? You bet your bottom dollar it is. That’s
the part that shocked me. When I first picked it up, I figured that
I had ended up with something that had a self contained IOS that
was likely limited and proprietary. Boy was I surprised to find out
that it wasn’t. And I stumbled onto that fact while loading it with
test movies.

“To get started, you have to install the hard drive, then
install the “operating system” onto the disk, which takes up a
small slice of your drive. A little advice too. If you stick a
drive in there (it only takes sata drives) and it’s got any data on
it, then kiss it goodbye, as this installer tool will completely
wipe it out.”

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