Review: KDE 4.6

[ Thanks to Prashanth for this link.

“A couple days ago, KDE 4.6 was released for the world
to enjoy. It boasts myriad bug fixes, new features for applications
like Dolphin and Marble (among others), a revamped Activities
feature, and better integration of GTK+ applications. I’ve come to
enjoy testing new KDE 4 releases because it gets noticeably better
with each release (or so I would hope), as opposed to GNOME, Xfce,
LXDE, and other DEs which don’t change much between “point”
releases (i.e. X.Y (“X point Y”)).

“That said, it’s not available for Linux Mint 9 “Isadora”, and I
don’t plan on upgrading that until the next LTS release (Linux Mint
13 “M[…]a”) unless some radical change (that I don’t like) makes
me switch distributions (but given the lead developer Clement
Lefebvre’s recent statements on the matter, that is highly
unlikely). Right now, it’s only (in terms of Ubuntu-based
distributions) available in Ubuntu/Kubuntu 10.10 “Maverick Meerkat”
and Linux Mint 10 “Julia” through a backport PPA. As I had a Linux
Mint 10 “Julia” GNOME live USB handy, I used that to do testing; I
will say that this method may have been the cause of many of the
problems that you will read about shortly. Follow the jump to see
how it went.”

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