Review: Objects Unencapsulated: Java, Eiffel and C++??

[ Linux Today reader Geoff
writes: ]

Objects Unencapsulated:
Java, Eiffel and C+
, the book version of Ian Joyner’s
[in]famous C++?? Critique
has been recently published. Ian writes:

My book is about the strengths and weaknesses of
some major object technologies. It dispels some of the myths of
object technology and gives you ways to make the best use of it. I
hope readers will find the many perspectives in it interesting and
useful. If we really can’t produce quality software economically,
what is the point? My book is different to the many others because
it is not just a glowing review and hype about objects. Yes OT is a
good technology, but there is more to it than that. We still need
to get many other things right. This book will not be popular with
certain segments of the industry, because it gets to the truth, but
I wrote it because I felt it needed writing, and the industry needs
its message if computing is to become a respectable

If you want the truth behind programming in general and
object technology in particular, you cannot afford to miss my

Roger Browne provides an interesting
and concludes:

You won’t agree with everything Ian has to say
(especially if you consider C++ to be the epitome of programming
bliss), but you’ll come away from this book with abroader
understanding of the issues surrounding serious modern software
development and the tools we use to accomplish it.

Recommendation: buy it (Eiffel users), borrow it (Java
users), or steal one and ceremonially burn it (C++