Review: PC/OS 2009v2a

“In this review I’ll be focusing on just the Open Desktop and
Open Workstation, as that’ll be the two primary areas that most end
users will worry about. As far as the server is concerned, most
users who would put it to use for such a thing already know what
they’re looking for and could more easily determine it’s value on
their own since their needs would vary between people and

“The primary difference between the two that I’ll be covering is
the list of applications. Open Desktop is setup with the home user
in mind, while Open Workstation is setup with the business user in
mind. The Open Desktop system comes on a single CD and weighs in
around 685mb, while the Open Workstation weights in at a hefty
1.4gb and comes on a DVD.

“The disparity in sizes immediately brings to light the
differences in their uses. But aside from the general focus of use,
and the selection of included applications, they’re both
essentially just remastered versions of Xubuntu that have been
customized with different uses in mind, a slight change in eyecandy
and some modifications to the general layout.”


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