Review: Ubuntu 9.04 on my ASUS Eee PC 901

[ Thanks to Petros Koutoupis for
this link. ]

“Now before I get into the details, I know that this is
an appliance and should be used as such. My problem is, that I am
used to multitasking and being efficient. Some of the netbook based
operating systems restrict the user’s ability to multitask.
It does not mean that it is not possible. It just means that it
becomes increasingly difficult when every application you open full
screens and cannot be adjusted. This is why I wanted to try out the
desktop version. This multitasking becomes much easier when I
connect the VGA output to my 47” 1080P HD TV. There is a lot of
desktop space to work with. 😉

“I downloaded the ISO from the Ubuntu website and then used
unetbootin to convert the ISO image to my USB flash drive. I
plugged in the flash drive and powered on the netbook. Before
anything, I verified the device boot order in the BIOS. The
installer loaded from the USB flash drive and the installation
began. The installation was simple and I experienced no problems.
After the installation, I removed the USB flash drive and rebooted
the PC. All loaded without any problems. This included device
drivers. The only thing additional that I had to install was Cheese
as my webcam application. Seeing how this was not Easy Peasy or the
Ubuntu Netbook Remix, it would not have been configured to install
by default.”

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