Review: Xandros Linux 4.0 Professional

“Xandros is a distribution of Linux descended from Debian and
built on the Debian framework. Unlike Debian though, Xandros is
built more with a profiteering mindset, a philosophy that has
slowly alienated it from the Linux community, more so lately after
their announced affiliation with Microsoft. This is also due to
their profit focused vs. the freedom focused development observed
by most core Linux distributions. But that’s not to say that
Xandros can’t still be a good distribution, even if it breaks with
the traditions that made Linux what it is today. But unlike the
other mainstream Linux distributions which are free, you’re going
to have to pay for this one. The price you pay isn’t Xandros
charging you to use Linux, but rather it’s to pay for the licensing
of all the bundled proprietary software that they include into
their distribution, plus some limited tech support. But enough of
that, let’s get down to the bread and butter of this Linux
distribution and see what it has to offer those who want to try it


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