Reviewed: Parallels Desktop 4 for Linux

“With PD4 you can run 32-bit and 64-bit guests and allocate more
than one CPU to a virtual machine, for a total of 8. To this VM you
can attach 16 virtual NICs, 8GB of virtual memory, and virtual
disks worth 2 terabytes.

“This is comparable to the virtual hardware you can generate
with both Workstation and VirtualBox. Unfortunately, PD4 too skips
the last bastion of VM connectivity — there’s no support for
connecting FireWire devices. To add to its disadvantage, it also
lacks any 3D capability which is now pretty much standard (albeit
in beta form only) with the competition.

“If you think they couldn’t have blown it any further, here’s
another hardware gotcha. PD4 supports Intel VT-x and AMD-V hardware
virtualisation technologies. But unlike Workstation and VirtualBox,
PD4 wouldn’t run without these extensions. Although processors with
these extensions aren’t expensive, insisting on them locks out a
huge mass that didn’t read the fine print when upgrading to
dual-core processors.”

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