Reviews’ r’ Us: Linux Operating System 6.0 (Deluxe)

[ Thanks to core for
this link. ]

This review is not going to be a review of the Linux OS in
general. It is about this particular distribution of Linux.
when you see the score at the bottom, that is a score against other
distributions of Linux, NOT against other Operating Systems. Also,
there are two distributions here, The normal version, and the
deluxe version. The only difference is that the deluxe version has
got StarOffice 5.1 personal edition bundled with it. So I have done
a separate little paragraph at the bottom for Linux, and a separate
score/overall. Got all that? Good, now I’ll begin…”

“This is going to be the most annoying thing when you talk about
this package. All the other distributions have the company names in
with them, like Redhat Linux, SuSE Linux, Linux Mandrake, etc etc.
Well, not here. Well, this is a collection of things here. It is
Linux Mandrake, and a few extra bits and bobs. This is called ‘The
Linux OS’. This is OK in my books though, as for me, this was/is
the best distribution of Linux available, of several reasons.”

“The number one reason is the value. For your mere £30 you
get a whole OS, and all the trimmings. You get the Linux Mandrake
Distribution, Installation Support, 3 E-books, 2 small manuals,
loads of apps and games, and light versions of PartitionMagic and
BootMagic. All that for the price of a single game? Now that is
what I call value!”