Rildo Pragana: Running a GDI printer under Linux – part 5 – Solving the compress puzzle

[ Thanks to Rildo
for this link. ]

No matter what acquisition method you use, you will finally
get some compressed data.
I expect most of data will be output
at the baseport (0x378 at the normal parallel port), and if you are
using my Bochs patched, you will see lines with O0, in profusion.
First try to run several distinct subjects, for instance, a blank
page and your printer test page to see where large differences are
found. Forget about sparse signals, like accesses tagged as O2,XX
or I1(XX), for this first attempt.”

“Then you will need to prepare yourself for several discovering
experiments. You will have to use simple programs like Xpaint or
bitmap to make your “drawings”. See some example test patterns I
have used to inspect my printer….”