RockMelt: Dumb or Stupid? You Decide

[ Thanks to Steven J.
for this link. ]

“By my count, there are three really important Web
browsers today: Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. There are
also two others that are good enough, Opera and Safari, that
they’re worth considering. So, really why the heck should I think
that there’s room for yet another Web browser, the much ballyhooed

“Seriously, as the guy who first reported on the Web for a
popular publication back in 1993, I’ve seen more Web browsers than
I can recall, and I really don’t see a lot of reason for yet
another one. Sure, there was a time when we really needed a new Web
browser to free us from the horror that was, and is, IE 6, but that
was in 2004, and Firefox unlocked us from IE 6. Today, we already
have many excellent Web browser choices. So, really, what’s the
point of another one?”

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