RootPrompt.org: Backing up to CD

[ Thanks to noel
for this link. ]

“A CD-R(W) is an inexpensive device, with inexpensive media. The
one I have was purchased for $135 and I have media that I payed
about 33 cents a piece for. A CD-R holds enough information for my
personal needs and it is stable compared to magnetic media. I have
chosen to use CD-Rs rather than CD-RW because of the additional
cost of CD-RWs.”

“If you had too much data to fit on one CD you could break up
your backup job into several different CD-Rs. Backup your system on
Monday, your MPEGS on Tuesday, your email on Wednesday, etc.”

“One additional concern is that the cheap CD-Rs may not last as
long as the more expensive ones. What I plan to do is use a more
expensive CD-R occasionally so that even if the cheap ones fail or
only last a year I will still have a backup. Each brand of CD-R
uses different chemical compounds for the CD for patent reasons so
I would recommend that you use different brands for your backup.
That way if one brand degrades faster than it should you will still
have your backups.”