RootPrompt.org: Snake Oil Warning Signs: Encryption Software to Avoid

[ Thanks to Noel
for this link. ]

“If you ever have been asked by a PHB, or other type of
manager to review a crypto package or find your self making
decisions about what sorts of crypto (if any) to use then take a
look at this FAQ.”

“If the vendor’s description appears to be confusing nonsense,
it may very well be so, even to an expert in the field. One sign of
technobabble is a description which uses newly invented terms or
trademarked terms without actually explaining how the system works.
Technobabble is a good way to confuse a potential user and to mask
the vendor’s own lack of expertise.”

“Avoid software which uses secret algorithms. This is not
considered a safe means of protecting data. If the vendor isn’t
confident that its encryption method can withstand scrutiny, then
you should be wary of trusting it.”


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