Rosegarden – An open source MIDI / audio multi-tracker

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“Rosegarden is a tool for making and understanding
music, a general-purpose MIDI and audio sequencer, score editor,
and music composition and editing environment that is released
under the GPL, and runs exclusively under GNU / Linux.

“Rosegarden allows recording, arranging, and composing music in
the shape of a traditional score, MIDI data, or audio file –
either recorded or imported. It can be used to write, edit and
organise music to create a composition, which can be mixed down
along with added effects for burning to CD, or for distribution on
the web. Rosegarden also contains well-rounded, notation editing
support for high quality printed output of sheet music via GNU

“Rosegarden can be seen as the free software equivalent of the
commercial proprietary programs CuBase or Cakewalk. It was begun as
an academic project by Chris Cannam and Andy Green at the
University of Bath in 1993, under the tutelage of Professor John
ffitch, who is best known as the long term custodian and maintainer
of the CSound audio programming language. Cannam wrote the notation
editor, and Green was responsible for the MIDI sequencer. Early
versions of Rosegarden were developed on Irix. The Linux port began
in 1995 when a third developer, Richard Bown, became involved.”

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