Roundup: Government, Industry React to Google’s Android

Wind River: Open Handset Alliance and LiMo–Why Both
Initiatives Are Here to Stay

“Many operators very clearly see Microsoft, Symbian and one to
two versions of Linux as the only future software platforms that
will comprise their terminal roadmap. Linux is unique in that most
Tier 1 OEMs–with the exception of Nokia–plan to gradually replace
the proprietary software addressing the feature phone segments
(where by far the most volumes of phones are shipped today and in
the future)…”

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CNET News: FCC Chairman Supports Google’s Open Handset

“Federal Communications Chairman Kevin Martin on Tuesday threw
his support behind Google’s Open Handset Alliance…

“It should come as little surprise that Martin would support the
alliance. Earlier this year, he made open devices a requirement in
the rules for the upcoming 700MHz spectrum auction…”


Over the Air: Nokia To Embrace Android After All?

“Of the seamingly few companies not included in yesterday’s
Android invasion was the world’s largest maker of cell phones,
Nokia. Yesterday, the company said it didn’t think the new open
mobile platform from Google was a threat. Today it changed its tune
a bit.

“Today Nokia clarified the Finland-based cellphone giant’s
stance on Google’s Android. It is now taking a more neutral view of
the open platform, and says it won’t count out a partnership with
Google in the future….”

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InformationWeek: Google’s Android Is Creating Some ‘Strange

“The Android mobile platform unveiled by Google (NSDQ: GOOG)
Monday is demonstrating that politics is not the only phenomenon
that creates strange bedfellows. Washington lobbying associations
CTIA and Public Knowledge, normally on opposite sides on wireless
issues, are each hailing Google’s mobile phone brainchild–for very
different reasons.

“Formerly known as the Cellular Telecommunications Industry
Association, CTIA–which refers to itself as ‘The Wireless
Association’–has hailed the Open Handset Alliance’s Android effort
because it proves that ‘net neutrality’ rules aren’t needed; Public
Knowledge likes Android for its openness…”

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The Open Road: Google’s Open-Source Mobile Platform: The Best
of the Blog Chatter

“There are so many good (and bad) things to say about Google’s
decision to open up the mobile market with an open-source mobile
software platform that I’ll just let others do the talking:

“Sergey Brin (via OpenDotDot):

“As I look at it I reflect, ten years ago I was sitting at a
graduate student cubicle. We were able to build incredible things.
There was a set of tools that allowed us to do that. It was all
open technologies. It was based on Linux, GNU, Apache. All those
pieces and many more allowed us to do great things and distribute
it to the world. That is what we are doing today, to allow people
to innovate on today’s mobile devices. Today’s mobile devices are
more powerful than those computers I was working on just ten years
ago. I cannot wait to see what today’s innovators will


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