Rt2x00 Project for Wireless Nearing Success

“If you use wireless networking in GNU/Linux with native
drivers, then chances are that you benefit from work done by the
Rt2x00 project. You may use the MadWifi Atheros drivers with
OpenHal, or drivers for the Realtek RTL8180 chipset, but most
likely you use one of the drivers developed by the Rt2x00 for
Ralink chipsets. In the nearly four years since the project began,
its work has moved from having a reputation for bugginess to the
point where some of its drivers are now part of the latest Linux
kernels. Recently, Linux.com talked to three of the lead developers
on the project about where Rt2x00 has been and where it is

“The project exists because of Ralink’s decision in 2004 to
release its Linux drivers for the Rt2400 chipset rather than
maintain them itself…”