Rumble in the cloud: 5 cloud storage services compared

[ Thanks to Steven J.
for this link. ]

“It used to be that when I said “cloud services,” people’s eyes
would glaze over and in minutes they’d be gently snoring. That was
then. This is now. While CIOs and CTOs still debate about what role
the cloud will have in business, personal cloud services have been
slowly easing their way into almost everyone’s computing plans.

“That’s not you you say? You don’t use a cloud service? Really?
Do you use Dropbox to store files? Do you get your e-mail at Gmail?
Are you experimenting with Apple’s iCloud? Doing work with Google
Apps, Office 365, or Zoho Docs? Congratulations, you’re a cloud
user. You may be thinking a lot of those are software as a service
(SaaS) offerings that mimic traditional client-server computing,
and you’d be right. But they’re also all cloud services. “

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