Salasaga Burns Brightly at Its Start

“One of the remaining gaps in the GNU/Linux desktop is an editor
for producing Flash content. When viewing Flash files, users can
limp along with Adobe’s proprietary player or the still-incomplete
although free Gnash player, but the best they can do for Flash
creation is employ the limited ability of OpenOffice.org Draw to
export to the format. Considering the often trivial uses to which
Flash is put, this lack is not entirely lamentable, but the fact
remains that nothing remotely comparable to Adobe’s Flash CS3
Professional. Salasaga, which until recently was called the Flame
Project, is an effort to fill this gap by providing the
functionality of Adobe Captivate for producing Flash computer
tutorials and animations. However, at version 0.7.7, it is focusing
on bare functionality more than a polished interface.

“Salasaga is a cross-platform effort available for GNU/Linux,
BSD, Solaris Nevada, and Windows. You can install it on GNU/Linux
from source code, or by downloading packages for Gentoo, Fedora, or