Salon: States Outlaw Spam

“At least 18 states have enacted or are working on
legislation that would impose stiff penalties on commercial
e-mailers who engage in unsavory tactics.”

“If laws could stop spam, we’d probably get a lot less e-mail.
Several state legislatures began trying to regulate commercial
e-mail in 1997 and, even as a federal anti-spam bill heads to the
House, more states are writing their own legislation — complete
with pricy penalties for violating the law. The following is a
summary of state laws that have been enacted or are moving through
state legislatures.”

“California: Three laws collectively require that unsolicited
commercial e-mail include “ADV:” (an abbreviation for
“advertisement”) or “ADV:ADLT” in the subject line and that the
sender’s contact information not be falsified. ISPs can sue for $50
per message, up to $25,000 per day. Activists are also pushing to
get a “ban spam” initiative on the fall ballot.”

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