Salon: Who cracked Microsoft?

“…And so far, we don’t have a clue as to who was responsible.
Are Russian mafia figures actually involved, or is the St.
Petersburg data point just a link in a chain that leads elsewhere?
Is this a case of industrial espionage or juvenile

“Or is it freedom fighting?”

“The antagonistic dynamic that exists between Microsoft and
free-software hackers is unavoidably obvious to anyone who has been
following the growth of open-source software over the past few
years. At one point, arch open-source evangelist Eric Raymond was
even linking to a picture of Bill Gates in Nazi regalia from the
opensource.org Web site. In Europe, distaste for and distrust
of out-of-control American capitalism are widely acknowledged
motivating forces for free-software hacking. Open vs. proprietary
— it’s the good vs. evil foundation of the hacker worldview.
Hatred of Microsoft keeps some hackers up at night, plotting their
own software-led world domination.

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