Samsung Galaxy Tab: iPad Rival or Handheld Computer?

[ Thanks to Jason
for this link. ]

“Yesterday, I decided to break down and purchase a
Galaxy Tab, hoping it would finally fulfill the promises of being a
general-purpose Android tablet that could fill the role that my
iPad is currently performing today — a device which I could
use to browse the Web, do some productivity tasks, use tablet-style
applications, and also use as an e-Reader.

“As I am a current Verizon customer and I am happy with the
carrier’s overall 3G data coverage on my Motorola Droid, I decided
to purchase the unit at my local Verizon Wireless store, in
Paramus, New Jersey. It should be noted that unlike T-Mobile, which
also just launched the device on their network, and can be
purchased off-contract, that the Verizon model isn’t currently
being sold without an additonal data plan.

“You can buy a month-to-month, contract-free $20 1GB data plan,
but there’s a $35 activation fee (unless you’re a corporate
customer with special terms) for each time you re-activate service,
should you decide to terminate the data plan and then turn it back
on later. For those of you who don’t want this device with 3G, a
Wi-Fi only model is destined to hit the US shores shortly, and will
be about $100 cheaper, so you should wait.”

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