Saying goodbye to my System76 notebooks

“Unfortunately, it’s time to send back some of the more
interesting computers I’ve had the opportunity to test recently.
I’m saying goodbye today to the Classmate spin (the “Starling
Edubook”), consumer netbook (the “Starling Netbook”), and
high-performance consumer laptop (“Pangolin Performance”) from
System76. I’m probably going to have to steal the Edubook from my
youngest son while he sleeps if he relaxes his grip on the handle
long enough and I’m sincerely going to miss the raw power of the

“If you missed my other posts on the System76 systems (or just
really didn’t feel feel like clicking through the links above,
which I completely understand on both a holiday here in the States
and a Monday morning to boot), the company is interesting in that
it sells only Ubuntu-powered computers. And a wide variety of them,
at that. Desktops, laptops, netbooks, servers, and workstations,
with spins for everything from casual users to education to
high-end engineering and visualization.

“Their prices are extremely competitive, partly because of the
lack of Windows licensing costs, but also because they can leverage
many of the same economies of scale that benefit major OEMs by
purchasing from the big ODMs in Asia.”

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