SCO Found Guilty of Lying About Unix Code in Linux in Germany

“In the United States, SCO’s Linux/Unix litigation has been
stalled out while the company’s bankruptcy trial is being dealt
with. In Germany, however, several court cases have found SCO Group
GmbH, SCO’s Germany branch, guilty of lying about Linux containing
stolen Unix code.

“In the first case, reported on by Heise Online, the pro-Linux
German companies, Tarent GmbH and Univention found that SCO was
once more making claims that Linux contained Unix IP (intellectual
property). Specifically, SCO GmbH made the familiar claims that ‘As
we have progressed in our discovery related to this action, SCO has
found compelling evidence that the Linux operating system contains
unauthorized SCO UNIX intellectual property (IP).’ This was
followed by the usual threat ‘If a customer refuses to compensate
SCO for its UNIX intellectual property found in Linux by purchasing
a license, then SCO may consider litigation…'”