SCO Receives Nasdaq Notice Letter…

“Here’s the press release. They still call themselves ‘a leading
provider of UNIX software technology and mobile services.’ That
isn’t what they just told the bankruptcy court, but who’s counting?
So they say they got a delisting letter saying they’ll be delisted
as of September 27. This is the interesting part:

“The Nasdaq Staff Determination Letter received on September 18,
2007 indicated that as a result of the Company’s having filed for
protection under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, the Nasdaq
Staff has determined, using its discretionary authority under
Nasdaq Marketplace Rules 4300 and IM-4300, that the Company’s
securities will be delisted from The Nasdaq Stock Market and that
trading in the Company’s common stock will be suspended unless the
Company requests a hearing to review the determination…”