SearchEnterpriseLinux: LOL: Will the Real Linux Creator Please Waddle Up?

[ Thanks to Max
for this link. ]

“I’m a Linux expert, so many people think it’s natural to ask
me, ‘Why is Tux the mascot of Linux?’ My response: ‘You are not
going to believe this, but it was a agreement between Linus
Torvalds and The Society of Peaceful Penguins.’ This surprises
them, so I tell them the whole, remarkable story.

“Believe it or not, The Society of Peaceful Penguins is the
group that heads up the penguin civilization. Yes, my friends,
penguins are smarter than humans give them credit for. Actually,
they’re smarter than humans. Their civilization is as old as and
may be older than our own, but from the beginning the penguins had
one sole mission: peace. When they found the first human tribes
around the Arctic and Antarctic circles, they discovered that those
tribes were violent. When they saw a war between two human tribes,
they established The Society of Peaceful Penguins…”

Complete Story

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