sendmail.net: The Web’s Essence in Brief

[ Thanks to Mark
for this link. ]

“InYourPants.com, besides being the most wonderfully
named e-commerce site ever, is the purest expression of what’s
good about the Internet today. A small company
– bordering on
microscopic, really – it uses open source tools and an
intuitive grasp of geek culture to stand toe-to-toe with every
bloated, over-promoted cyber-mall out there.
If you’ll pardon
the expression, InYourPants is where it’s at.”

“InYourPants’ commonsense take also extends to technology. The
company literally wouldn’t exist without free software –
InYourPants uses everything from Linux to sendmail. … In fact,
the existence of open source projects was “part of the reason we
decided to go into business,” says Toms.”

“”I had just come off a contract with an Internet startup that
spent more than three million dollars on infrastructure,” he says.
“I was less than impressed. I knew that freeware could easily do
the job, and would have cost about two million and a half less,”
counting the cost of the hardware. … Most people don’t know that
Yahoo runs largely on freeware. It is world-class

“”Even assuming all software from any vendor was free,” he adds,
“I would still be using Slackware Linux, MySQL, Apache, PHP, and
sendmail – simply because, in my experience, they’re the best
products available for what I need to do.” InYourPants goes so far
as to publicly recognize its debt to open source with a
front-and-center acknowledgements page – something most sites don’t
do, no matter what code they’re running.”