ServerWatch: Enterprise UNIX Roundup: Longhorn’s Loss, Linux’s Gain

“We’ll admit to a little mystification over the apparent ripple
that passes through the pundit set every time Microsoft bestirs
itself long enough to announce something is or isn’t coming in on
time, and is or isn’t going to have this or that gewgaw or

“On one shoulder, our sour-faced cynic chirps away, ‘It’s a big
company… like those dinosaurs with brains near their tails…
It’s supposed to blunder around and miss dates and not do stuff it
thought it could when the peanut brain thought the stuff up and
tried to get the tail-brain to go along.’

“On our other shoulder, the pious long-view sage tells us,
‘Enterprises must be able to plan on deployments–else chaos will
ensue! Corporate America is poised to take up Longhorn…
It just needs the word…!'”


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