SEUL.org: Linux in education report # 15 for April 10

[ Thanks to Doug Loss
for this link. ]

“Brian G. Fay asked us, “Back when I was a kid, our middle
school purchased one (count em’) Apple IIc. I started playing
around with it and got to know a little Basic programming. I work
in an all Mac school now, but have long since lost touch with the
Apple platform. I’m just now getting into Linux and I have a
question. Is there something like the old Basic that I could use in
my math classroom to teach kids about basic

“Now that we’ve started thinking about it, we’re starting to see
what might be the beginnings of open-source software summer camps.
This press release talks about an upcoming installfest at the
University of South Australia in Adelaide on May 7th and 8th. At
it, “local elementary and high school students and their families
will be treated to a creative, hands-on Linux learning experience
from the University’s School of Computer and Information Science.
They’ll also receive hundreds of stuffed penguins and a thousand
Linux CDs, courtesy of LinuxMall.com.” With just a little bit of
extension, this could be a summer camp! If you’re near Adelaide in
the beginning of May, stop in at the installfest and see what
they’re doing. If you’d like to do something similar, contact Sarah
Bolderoff of the School of Computer and Information Science.”