SEUL.org: Linux in education report #16 for April 17

[ Thanks to Doug Loss
for this link. ]

“Things have been relatively quiet for us this week. There was
some discussion on various aspects of Manuel Gutierrez Algaba’s
CrossWords for Linux program, most of which addressed presentation
and content creation.”

“Jacques Fortier has announced the creation of

“Harry McGregor mentioned that, “There is a PAM plugin for NDS,
and caldera has some utilities for mounting NCP exports,” as did TJ

“Norbert de Jonge has announced Ggradebook, a GTK+ gradebook
program that can optionally be compiled to use GNOME. Ggradebook is
part of the GNU Project.”

“…jm asked us, “My dad is a headmaster in a small college,
and I try to persuade him to use linux instead of Win9x. He is
right now evaluating software to help creating school timetables
(for room and staff). I’m looking for a linux solution for this
kind of software
, but so far, my quest was unsuccessful.
Do you know any of them running under linux (in french, english
or spanish)?”
We’re unaware of any software of this sort being
either available or under development; if you know of any please
email Doug Loss with the information and we’ll be in your