SEUL.org: Linux in education report #28 for September 11

[ Thanks to Doug Loss
for this link. ]

“In the past two weeks SEUL/edu has talked about our
participation in various tradeshows. Our self-defined role is
to foster educational applications for Linux. So far we’ve attended
and presented at a handful of Linux shows in North America and
Europe. It occurred to us that that may not be getting our message
across to the people most in need of hearing it: teachers and
school administrators.
Therefore, we’re going to try to attend
conferences for computer-using educators and educational technology
in addition to the Linux shows. This will be something new for us
and will probably require us to modify our presentations and focus
a bit so as to “speak their language.” As we’re an all-volunteer,
virtual organization, we don’t have lots of money for these
real-world conferences. For that reason we prefer to try for fewer
conferences with wider exposure, rather than the more numerous
local and regional ones. If any of you have suggestions as to what
conferences we should investigate or other ideas that could help us
connect with the educational community, please contact Doug Loss
with your comments. We can use all the help we can get!”

“The cafeteria management software mentioned in the last report
is being worked on quietly. The principles involved decided that
rather than take a lot of time developing a comprehensive system
that would be all things to all cafeterias, they would put
something together that works for the school asking for the program
that could be ready for use quickly. After solving the immediate
problem they can look at generalizing the program.”