SEUL.org: Linux in education report #3

“The SEUL/edu Documentation Standards Writer’s Guide is quickly
approaching releasable state (meaning we’re not embarrassed to have
others see it). It’s currently undergoing a review by our
documentation task group, after which (barring major problems)
we’ll make it public. This document is designed to define a
standard for SEUL/edu documents, and to serve as a tutorial on how
to write DocBook SGML files….”

We’re happy to see that Linux and Open Source software
generally are finally getting recognized as valuable educational
tools. One thing we want to urge is that everyone in the
Linux-in-education sub-community become aware of what others are
doing in this area.
There are many things that need to be done
to help Linux take its proper place in the scholastic world, and it
would be a pity if some of them are left undone while others get
repeatedly done over and over. If you’re interested in promoting
Linux in education, please do a review of what others are already
doing and then help them out, or find an area that isn’t being
taken care of and make addressing that your goal….”