Seven Alternatives to GNOME 3

[ Thanks to James
for this link. ]

“Unity: Considering the troubled relationship between Ubuntu and
GNOME, Unity might be considered Ubuntu’s answer to GNOME 3.

“Like GNOME 3, Unity is a modern rethinking of the traditional
desktop informed by the standards of mobile interfaces, and
requires hardware acceleration. However, where GNOME 3 gives the
impression of added complexity, Unity creates the impression of
greater simplicity. But on closer examination, this impression is
misleading — Unity does not simplify so much as hide complexity in
its depths.

“The biggest drawback to Unity is that it is another large
departure from the classic GNOME desktop. If what you want is an
interface as close to that of the GNOME 2 series as possible, then
Unity is probably no more for you than GNOME 3. “

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