SF Gate: There is No Linux Cabal, An underground group of gurus makes the world safe for Linux

That’s when the others come. In ones and twos, holding CDs
marked “Red Hat” or “Debian,” perhaps even lugging a Pentium box
with peripherals, they find their way to the Linux Cabal

“Most of the CABAL members gather every two weeks at The Linux
Cabal meeting room to geek out, swap Linux tips, and hear Linux
experts divulge their technical secrets. Over the past few years,
they’ve watched Linux grow from something known only to a fringe
group of hackers, to a global phenomenon….”

“Although the Linux open source community has always been
anti-corporate, and virulently anti-Microsoft, members of the Cabal
aren’t fazed by the recent IPO frenzies associated with their
beloved operating system. “Because the community controls the
source code, nobody can push the community around,” asserted Rick.
“There’s no conflict between corporations and the user community
because there doesn’t have to be.”

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